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Starting From Scratch!

A quick guide to starting your business.

Congratulations! You are at the most exciting part of your business journey. Now you get to put your goals in motion and develop your own career with this quick start guide. Let’s get started!

What’s Included

  • Knowing Your Why
  • Business Mindset 
  • Business Structure
  • Next Steps

Knowing Your “Why”

There is a certain level of consistency that needed to main even a very small business. Writing out your core mission, values, inspiration and motivation will make it easier to stick to these ideas when things get unorganized or business gets rough.

Are you inspired by the needs you saw going unmet in your community? Or is it the idea of generational wealth that motivates you. Do you want your company to be known for values like honesty, creativity or security?

Business Mindset 

One of the most under rated concepts in business is a powerful and positive mindset. More than any financial, research or marketing plan, a positive perspective on life will prepare you for the ups and downs of business. 

Books we recommend to jump start your journey towards a bright and forward thinking mindset;

The Four Agreements
The Energy Bus

Think And Grow Rich

The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Millionaire Moves

The 48 Laws Of Power

Failing Forward

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F***

The Secret

Today Matters

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Business Structure

Now let’s dive into business structure by answering a few questions. 

Do you provide products, services or both?

What mission statement will you be acting on?

Are you going to register your business with the state? 

Will you operate an online store, a brick and mortar location or both? 

Are you a “one man show” or will you develop a team?

How will you interact with your customers?

How will you interact will prospects?

What apps or websites will you use to launch your business?

Going through questions like this will help you prioritize the actions that will catapult your business forward!