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A beginners guide to starting 

your side hustle.

This interactive workbook is designed to take the mental work out of  launching your business. Flow through the pages, engage with the prompts and leave the work book with concrete steps to walk toward you financially free life.


#HowToHustle EBook


Where Do I Begin? By: J'karlon Harrison

How to start making every act, an act of self care.

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Where Do I Begin?

Sneak Peak


Hell yeah, finally a chapter we can turn up to... right?

Well, yes and no. Though this chapter will hopefully help motivate you to do exactly what you want to do, you may find what we want is much greater than what may have first popped up in your head.

What do you like to do? Some common answers are to chill, hang out with friends, or listen to music. While all these answers are valid and can bring some real enjoyment, they aren't exactly what I mean. I mean what excites you? What can take your attention for long periods of time (not including TV, or YouTube) without boring you? What do you like to learn about?

What are you here for? Kind of a deep question for such a short book, I know, but it’s one that these are questions that need to be addressed in each of us. What sets you on fire with excitement, awe, or passion. For some, it is some variation of helping others. This is because we are social beings and there is natural satisfaction in just knowing you improve another person’s life. For others, it may be a specific practice or subject matter that intrigues you the most. What ever it is, you owe it to yourself to pursue these passions.