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Welcome Family, to TheBlackList.

If you are receiving this invitation, I urge you to take a few moments to appreciate the true magnitude of what you have accomplished in your life thus far. You really deserve a round of applause.


A mixture of your impact, work ethic, personality, interests and vision were considered when choosing the original BlackList roster. After considering these factors I must say; I’m honored to be a part of your network! 

I hope the following offer peaks your interest. 


September 1st marks the last 1/3rd of our year & I think we should dedicate the next four months to creating an extremely prosperous 3 years.

TheBlackList’s goal is to elevate together- faster. To be here you have to be good at what you do, passionate about what you do and driven by what you do. We are like minded in that we strive for information, financial freedom and overall success, that being said it would be beneficial to get acquainted and leverage each other’s interests. 

Share your near and future goals

Critique a fellow members business plan

Get up and get active with us in the morning 

Practice your brands pitch