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Be Your Businesses Photographer!​

How to set up your own product shoot!

A well placed photo can make someone go from stranger to customer in seconds! Take these tips and set up your best product shoot yet!

  • Lighting. Lighting. Lighting. The quality of your photos can make or break any picture. You don't want it to be to dark but to much light will wash out your subject.  (Be sure the brightness is up on your device when you are editing too ;)

         We have found the easiest and most cost effective way to take product photos to be placing them on a white sheet of paper. Be sure the paper is wrinkle free and set your lights up to reduce shadows. 

         Bonus Tip: A ring light is a great place to start for personal videos but they are not always enough. Consider 2/3 additional lights to make sure you are not throwing any major shadows on your face or in the background.


  • Background check! What’s going on in the background should compliment the subject but (generally) shouldn’t be too distracting.
         Plants, city views and well furnished homes are good options when a solid colored background isn’t.

  • Editing Time! Whether you took your photos with a camera or cell phone, it’s likely that you’ll benefit from some type of touch ups. Apps like Adobe Lightroom make a wide range of edits possible, without purchasing larger products like Adobe’s Photoshop.